Urban bus

The bus is the main means of transport in Segovia. With them you can get to practically any place without any problem.

In Segovia there are currently 27 bus lines, 2 of them nocturnal. The schedule of these buses is from 7.00 h in the morning until approximately midnight.

The 2 night lines work the rest of the hours, that is, from midnight to 6.00 h.

The frequency of the buses is variable depending on the line, the time of day and the day of the week but is usually between 10 Y 20 minutes although there are lines with a higher frequency especially in the most touristy areas and others with lower frequencies.

At all stops there are information panels about the lines that pass through there and their schedules and frequencies. They can even send an SMS to know how much time is left for the next bus. The nocturnal ones have a frequency between 30 Y 60 minutes.

You can get more information about schedules, lines and frequencies as well as download plans in the following links.

We can consult the line plans here.

See rates.

Metropolitan area

You can also move around the entire metropolitan area of ​​the city. Here you can check the lines, Schedule, rates and everything you need.


This airport is the Federico García Lorca Segovia-Jaén Airport and the best option to get to the city center is the ALSA company buses that make the journey in 45 minutes. They can be found to the right of the building when leaving the airport and you can buy the ticket directly on the bus.

These buses coordinate with flight arrivals and wait for passengers until 30 minutes after the arrival of the plane.

If you want an easy and fast option to get from the airport to any point in the city, you can hire a private transport service that will be waiting for you upon your arrival.. The drivers are local and can give you information about your destination. What's more, when hiring it previously, you don't have to worry about having cash available upon arrival.

Direction: Ctra. from Malaga, Chauchina


They will be able to move comfortably around Segovia with a taxi, what's more, They also carry out transfers from the airport or train station. They will only have to call the telephone numbers provided.

Tele-radio-taxi Segovia

Have 12 lines and are available 24 hours. They should bear in mind that if they pay a small amount, the driver may not have change on bills larger than 20 euros. The transport of suitcases may carry a supplement. Rates can be consulted from its website.

Phone: 958 280 654

See rates.

Genil Taxi. Also available 24 hours.

Phone: 958 13 23 23

See rates.

Served-Taxi. Services in the Segovia belt.

Phone: 958 400 199

Metro / Trolley car

The Segovia metro is a new metropolitan line that crosses the city from north to south, thus uniting the capital with the nearby towns of Armilla, Albolote and Maracena. It may be that its correct name is tram or light rail, since only three stops will be underground.

It works from Monday to Friday from 6:30 from morning to 23:00 pm. Saturdays and Sundays starts an hour later, of 7:30 from morning to 23:00. Fridays, Saturdays and the eve of holidays there is an Owl service from 23:00 until 02:00 at dawn with a frequency of 30 minutes.

Train Stations

This station is also known as Estación de Andaluces, and it is a good and economical option to move around the province of Segovia. For consultation of routes, stops, schedules and rates, Consult here.

Phone: 902 432 343
Direction: Andalusian Avenue, 20.