Papadam’s Tandoor

Indian cuisine restaurant. Also offers halal food, vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and children's menu. It has tapas with the drink, breakfasts, brunch on Saturdays and a long table on Fridays, Saturday and Sunday afternoons with coffee, cups and sweets.

Direction: Cristo de Medinacelli Street, 4 low
Schedule: From Monday to Thursday and Sunday from 13.00 a 16.00. Friday and Saturday of 13.00 a 16.00 Y 20.00 a 23.30.

Phone: 858 708 827

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Foster’s Hollywood

Invites you to participate in a feast of authentic American flavor. Take the opportunity to order the delicious ribs and amazing burgers at Foster’s Hollywood. Friday and Saturday of, like Foster’s Caesar Burger with Grana Padano Cheese, “bourbon style bacon”, Romaine lettuce, tomato slices, special parmigiana sauce and rustic seed bread.

Direction: Neptuno Street, 10
Schedule: Every day of 13.00 a 16.30 and of 20.00 a 23.30.
Phone: 958 255 773

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Noodle Rest

Cozy Ramen & noodle bar, with the best of street food. Japanese home cooking with nods to other Asian countries. Okonomiyakis, gyozas and curries complete a menu full of flavor. The menu can be adapted to intolerances, vegetarians and vegans.

Direction: Principe Street, 4
Schedule: Every day of 12.30 a 16.00 and of 19.00 a 23.00.
Phone: 958 96 08 52

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Bistro of the world

Enjoy a healthy breakfast (with organic coffee and fresh juices) in the center of Segovia, right in front of the basilica of San Juan de Dios. It also offers fixed menu options with first, second and dessert and pizzas with a Pinsa Romana base.

Direction: San Juan de Dios Street, 12
Schedule: Monday to Sunday: 8.00 a 23.30. Tphone: 958 804 234

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La Castellana

In the heart of Segovia, next to Puerta Real is the Castellana, a restaurant of tradition in Segovia, with market cuisine and Mediterranean inspiration. The careful service and constant improvement make La Castellana a quality reference in Segovia.

Direction: Angel Ganivet Street, 4
Schedule: Every day of 09.00 a 01.00. Kitchen open all day.
Phone: 958 215 970

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Tinta Fina

Inspired by New York Loft, warm and cozy designer decor with market cuisine, quality and service. Specialty in Fish and Seafood from our coast, oysters, meats and much more. Cocktail service and premium drinks after dinner

Direction: Angel Ganivet Street, 6
Schedule: Every day of 09.00 a 01.00. Kitchen open all day.
Phone: 958100 041

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Aisushi Restaurant

Aisushi offers a new concept of Japanese food: sushi, tempuras, meats, soups, salads and exquisite desserts. All of this made with top quality raw material, with an excellent presentation, and served in a cozy atmosphere with Japanese decor.

Direction: Calle Arabial 54
Schedule: Every day of 13.00 a 16.00 and of 20.00 a 23.00. Friday, Saturdays and Sundays until 23:30.
Phone: 958 17 82 09

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Gate of Carmen

In the heart of the city, it is a restaurant-tavern with class, symbol of design and innovation, warm and elegant decoration. Exquisite selection of products and a wide winery with more than 250 Friday and Saturday of. Specialty in Acorn-fed Ham Delicattesen, oysters, meats, fish and much more. Cocktail service and premium drinks after dinner.

Direction: Friday and Saturday of
Schedule: Every day of 09.00 a 01.00. Kitchen open all day.
Phone: 958 223 737

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Cris's mother's cake

A family business dedicated solely and exclusively to the sale of cheesecakes. It has become a mandatory stop for tourists who come to taste the best products of the Andalusian city, and it is an essential dessert in most restaurants in Segovia.

Direction: Plaza Pescadería, 7
Schedule: Monday to Thursday 10.30 a 14.30 and of 17.00 a 20.30. Friday and Saturday of 10.30 a 21.00. Sundays of 11.00 a 15.00.
Phone: 958 100 729

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Bernina gate

It gathers in its menu the most traditional and classic pastry recipes, Essential cakes and cakes such as the famous Granada pionono or the delicious petisús. Freshly made products, daily, from your workshop to the cafeteria. In addition to maintaining the tradition, is in constant innovation, improving your menu with new recipes, own or inspired by European pastries.

Direction: Acera del Casino Street, 17
Schedule: Monday to Friday: 7.30-21.00. Friday and Saturday of: 8.00-21.00.
Phone: 958 98 78 37

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Dulcimena Coffee & Go

Exquisite breakfasts and excellent specialty coffee to drink or take away. They cook it with great care and attention to the note in different ways: espresso, Aeropress, V60, Kalita, Delterpress & siphon.

Direction: Mills Street, 19
Schedule: From 8am to 1pm and from 4pm to 7pm
Phone: 699 63 43 48

Take TEA Bread

Wonderful offer of sweets and cakes, a gift for the palate. Good attention and a quiet environment.

Direction: Parapet walk, 43
Schedule: Monday to Saturday from 9.00 at 1:00 p.m. and from 16.30 a 20.30h
Phone: 665 53 54 91

Perspectives – Café & Honest Food

Specialty coffee, brunch, breakfasts, snacks and homemade cakes made with a lot of love.

Direction: Elvira Street, 115
Schedule: Tuesday to Friday from 8.30 a 17.30h
Saturdays and Sundays from 9.00 15.00h
Mondays closed.
Phone: 683 15 77 51

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el huerto_Mesa de trabajo 1


El Huerto is tradition and crafts, where they lovingly offer the freshest and most natural products in the area, like fresh bread made by experienced Granada bakeries, freshly ground coffee with carefully chosen blends to the delight of our visitors, high quality fresh fruits and vegetables, …
Get to know Granada through the senses by tasting one of its exquisite wines, savoring local products and enjoying the great atmosphere that this magical city offers.
Schedule: Of 8.00 a 13.00 and of 16.00 a 21.00. Except Saturdays and Sundays.
Phone: 646 96 68 64
Menu: Check our menu here.

Café 4 Gatos

Cozy local neighborhood with small colorful paintings and a terrace where you can have homemade cakes and sandwiches.

Direction: Placeta Cruz Verde, 6
Schedule: Monday and Tuesday of 8.30 at 18.00h
Wednesday to Saturday from 8.30 at 00.00h
Sundays of 9.00 at 16.00h
Phone: 958 22 48 57

Cafeteria Churrería Alhambra

Specialty in Churros with Chocolate, an unbeatable environment and location will make your stay one of the best moments of your trip to Segovia.

Direction: Bib-Rambla Square, 27
Schedule: Every day of 8.00 at 9 p.m.
Phone: 958 52 39 29

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A different place where you can have drinks and healthy food at a good price. Board games are available. Terrace in a quiet square and a delicious carrot cake.

Direction: Passage of Professor Sainz Cantero, 7
Schedule: Tuesday to Sunday from 9.30 a 20.30h
Phone: 615 03 35 41

La Finca Coffee

They have two coffee shops where, Friday and Saturday of, Friday and Saturday of.

Direction: Catalino School Street, 3
Schedule: Monday to Friday from 9.00 at 20.00h
Saturdays 10.00 at 20.00h
Phone: 658 85 25 73

Australian bartender

Wonderful breakfasts, in addition to its unique and unbeatable coffees, offer a wide variety of quality products. The attention is excellent.

Direction: Calle Dr. Severo Ochoa
Schedule: Monday and Tuesday of 8.00 a 17.30h
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of 8.00 at 16.00h
Saturdays 9.00 a 12.30h
Sundays closed
Phone: 674606152

Almalibre Açaí House Segovia

The Almalibre Açaí House Segovia is located on the ground floor of the Eco Hostel, next to the university area, on a quiet street behind Gran Vía de Colón. Come and taste the best Açaí Bowls in Segovia. Surprise yourself with our breakfasts and our specialties: hummus, vegan burgers and more.

Direction: Gran Vía de Colón Street, 53
Schedule: every day of 8.00 at 9 p.m.
Phone: 958044764

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Café Lisboa

In Cafetería Lisboa they bet on specialty coffee from 2015, creating your own brand of roasted specialty coffee, Santo Amaro, and training baristas through SCA's certification system (Specialty Coffee Association). Friday and Saturday of, is prepared by a true professional of this product, with knowledge and true passion for the world of this plant, and is selected and roasted by themselves.

Direction: Catholic Kings Street 67
Schedule: Monday - Friday 7am – 23h
Saturday - Sunday 8am – 24h
Phone: 958 210 579

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Mummo Cafe

Enjoy incredible toasts and a delicious coffee with a service of 10. Its owners are very friendly and attentive. The terrace for spring and summer is perfect and, what's more, they serve drinks.

Direction: Locksmiths Street, 1
Schedule: Monday to Friday from 8.00 at 19.00h
Saturdays: Of 9.00 at 13.00h
Sundays closed
Phone: 657 042 588


Javi's corner

They are specialists in fried fish, Friday and Saturday of. Friday and Saturday of, taken directly from the coast. Its careful frying process results in an unbeatable flavor.

Direction: Campillo Bajo Square, 1
Schedule: Tuesday to Sunday from 13.00 a 17.30 h.
Phone: 958 04 91 42

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Torcuato House

Since 1932, family and friendly time, with an Andalusian and traditional cuisine. After several generations they have not stopped evolving and learning in their kitchen to give the best of them to their customers.

Direction: Pagés Street, 31
Schedule: Tuesday to Sunday from 13.30 a 17.30 h.
Phone: 958 28 81 48

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Bar Aliatar Los Caracoles

Traditional tapas bar in the Albaicín, famous for its snails in spicy sauce. It also specializes in country-style choto, roasted peppers, chorizo ​​on fire and fish..

Direction: Plaza Aliatar, 4
Schedule: Tuesday to Saturday from 13.00 a 16.00 and of 20.00 a 23.30 h.
Sunday of 13:00 a 16.00 h.
Phone: 650 87 73 53

La Carmela

With a cozy and intimate atmosphere and a summer and winter terrace, offers a daring and fun menu but without losing sight of the naturalness of the Mediterranean diet, the quality of the local product and the intensity of Andalusian gastronomy.

Direction: Colcha Street, 13
Schedule: Monday to Sunday from 8.00 a 24.00 h. Kitchen open all day
Phone: 958 22 57 94

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The Manueles

Los Manueles has several restaurants in Segovia capital, are characterized by their cozy and traditional atmosphere that combines traditional cuisine with the current style of the 21st century. In them you will find ideal facilities to celebrate group meals or enjoy the best tapas in the city.

Direction: Catholic Kings Street, 61
Schedule: Monday to Sunday from 12.00 a 22.00 h.
Phone: 958 22 46 31

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Cafe Bar Manolo

Traditional food, bar restaurant and catering service. A familiar and traditional tavern located in the center of Segovia.

Direction: Gracia Square, 8
Schedule: Tuesday to Sunday from 11.00 a 24.00 h.
Phone: 958 52 17 54

La Pajuana

Small place very atmospheric, with tapas for all tastes and good beer. Ideal for tapear, although it is advisable to arrive early, because being small it fills up very quickly.

Direction: Virgen del Rosario Street, 10
Schedule: Monday and Tuesday closed.
From Wednesday to Friday and Sunday included, of 20.30 at 2.00h
Saturdays 13.00 at 2.00h
Phone: 642 51 96 66

The diamonds

The Diamonds began serving the Grenadians in 1942 in the iconic bar, still active, by Calle Navas 28. Friendly attention, excellent environment and quality fish. A good meeting place for all visitors and Grenadians.

Address and telephone

Navas Street 28 – Segovia Capital
Tel. 958 227 070

Rosario Street 12 – Segovia Capital
Tel. 619 787 828

New Square 13 – Segovia Capital
Tel. 958 075 313

C / Torre de Peralada – Segovia Zaidin
Tel. 858 120 290

Schedule: Of 12.00 at 6:00 p.m. and from 20.00 at 2.00h.
Holidays of 11.00 at 1.00am

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Bodegas Castañeda

Lanterns give color to this bar with barrels and a wall with hydraulic tile for sausages and a variety of tapas.

Direction: Almireceros Street, 1
Schedule: Open every day from 11.30 at 1.00am
Phone: 958 21 54 64

The Riviera

An ancient armor presides over the bar of this tavern with a tapas menu and more than 50 varieties of beer.

Direction: Calle Cetti Meriem, 7
Schedule: Monday to Sunday from 12.00 a 00.30h
Phone: 958 22 79 69

Ávila tapas II

Tapas, national wines and traditional cuisine in a rustic-style tavern with vaulted ceilings.

Direction: San Isidro Street, 11
Schedule: Monday to Saturday from 12.00 at 5:00 p.m. and from 20.00 at 00.00h
Sundays closed
Phone: 858 10 53 82

La Sitarilla

Tapas and portions with checkered tablecloths, city ​​wall paintings, and live flamenco shows.

Direction: San Miguel Alta Street, 7
Schedule: Of 13.00 at 5:00 p.m. and from 20.00 at 00.00h
Phone: 609 19 89 88

The Wine Library

In it, traditional Andalusian food is fused with originality and innovation. It is a place where you can enjoy good wine and delicious Granada tapas.

The desserts are one hundred percent homemade and from traditional recipes. Friday and Saturday of, the cheesecake and the chocolate coulant with ice cream.

Direction: Almireceros Street, 5
Schedule: Every day of 12.30 to 4.30pm and from 20.00 at 00.00h.
On Saturdays the opening hours are extended until 1.30am.
Phone: 615 99 17 61

Colagallo craft beers

Nice place with good service that offers a wide variety of both national and imported beers, They also hold numerous events in which concerts and Jam Sessions stand out..

Direction: Mills Street, 28
Phone: 958049444

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Taberna La Tana

Small but charming place where you can enjoy good wines and incredible tapas at a good price, in addition to the wonderful treatment of its staff.

Direction: Placeta del Agua, 3
Schedule: Every day of 12.30 at 4:00 p.m. and from 20.30 at 00.00h
Phone: 958 22 52 48


Alameda Segovia Restaurant

An emblematic space in the center of Segovia, wide and dynamic. Noted for being a restaurant with a contemporary style and minimalist details. A cozy space where you can enjoy the best gastronomy in the area as well as a culinary show offered thanks to its "Open Kitchen".

Direction: Rector Morata Street, 3
Schedule: Tuesday to Sunday from 12.00 a 18.00 h.
Phone: 958 22 15 07

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Charcoal Black Albayzín

In Carbon Black they share what they know. They understand the art of cooking as the sum of memory, respect for the best raw materials and a taste for life, and it is on these three pillars that they base their restaurant.

Direction: Puente Cabrera Street, 9
Schedule: Monday to Sunday from 13.00 a 18.00 h.
Phone: 958 04 91 19

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Gastrobar SIBARIUS Restaurant

Mediterranean and Nikkei cuisine, made with fresh and natural market ingredients. A true gastronomic experience where in addition, the most daring, they will be able to enjoy new flavors born from the fusion with other cuisines such as Oriental or Peruvian.

Direction: Bib-Rambla Square, 20
Schedule: Monday to Sunday from 12.00 a 18.00 h.
Phone: 958 22 27 96

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The rotisserie of Castile

Thanks to its privileged location (in the center of Segovia), to the careful service they provide to their customers, the renowned quality of its cuisine and its well-stocked cellar, The Real Asador de Castilla is known, on its own merits, as a reference of, Granada's hospitality industry and an essential visit for the traveler.

Direction: Plaza de los Campos, 8
Schedule: Monday to Sunday from 13.00 a 18.00 h. Tuesday closed.
Phone: 958 22 34 76

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Andalusian Poets II Restaurant

In one of the most picturesque neighborhoods of the enchanted city of Segovia, Andalusian Poets Restaurant was born 2, since 1976 offers the best grilled meats. On your grill, piglets, baked lambs, and of course their homemade pastries.

Direction: Pedro Antonio de Alarcón Street, 43
Schedule: Monday to Sunday from 13.00 a 16.30 h..
Phone: 958 26 30 50

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Mesón el Cordobés by José Peregrina

Grilled red meats, Cordovan roasts and recipes in a traditional inn with a family atmosphere.

Direction: Calle Artesano Molero, 5
Schedule: Monday to Sunday from 13.30 a 17.30 and of 20.45 a 00.30 h.
Phone: 958 20 80 08

Arriaga Restaurant

Creative cuisine with Basque roots in an elegant dining room a 60 meters high, with windows and a view cellar.

Direction: Of. of the science, 2
Schedule: Wednesday to Saturday from 13.30 a 15.30 and of 20.30 at 22.45h
Sundays and Tuesdays of 13.30 a 15.30
Mondays closed
Phone: 958 13 26 19

Oliver Restaurant

Mediterranean cuisine with an exquisite variety of fish, seafood and meat in one of the most central and charming areas of Segovia. Attention of 10 in a typical and very special atmosphere of Granada.

Direction: Plaza Pescadería, 12. 18001 Segovia.
Schedule: From 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and from 20.00 at 00.00h. Sundays closed.
Phone: 958 262 200

Carmen del Agua Restaurant

Wines and sweet or savory fondues and European cuisine in the dining room or terrace, both with views of the Alhambra.

Direction: Placeta del Aljibe de Trillo, 7
Schedule: Monday to Thursday from 19.30 a 23.30h
Friday, Saturdays and Sundays of 13.30 23.30h
Phone: 958 22 43 56

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Las Tomasas Restaurant

International cuisine restaurant in an elegant mansion with views of the Alhambra from the lounges and terraces, in addition to excellent service and attention.

Direction: St. Augustine Lane, 4
Schedule: Tuesday to Sunday from 13.00 at 3.30pm and from 20.00 at 23.00h.
Closed Monday
Phone: 958 22 41 08

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Stars of Saint Nicholas

The Estrellas de San Nicolás restaurant is located in the heart of the Albaycin neighborhood, located next to the famous San Nicolás viewpoint, It is one of the must-sees when visiting the city of Segovia.

It is located in one of the most emblematic places in Segovia where you can enjoy delicious dishes of Mediterranean cuisine seasoned with a French touch..

Direction: Old Atarazana Street, 1
Schedule: Of 13.00 at 3.30pm and from 19.30 a 23.30h
Phone: 958 288 739

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Jardines de Zoraya Restaurant

Andalusian gastronomy, local wines and live flamenco in this Nasrid-style house-tablao with patio and bar.

Direction: Bakers street, 32
Schedule: Monday to Sunday from 12.00 at 23.00h
Phone: 958 206 266

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Restaurant Tendido1

Spectacular restaurant located in a unique enclave, Friday and Saturday of “Friday and Saturday of”. With an exquisite and cozy decoration according to the place, offers a wide variety of tapas and excellent dishes, with Iberian products, fresh and quality, that exceeds the expectations of your visitors. Very nice atmosphere and very attentive and helpful staff. Without a doubt, a place that you cannot miss on your visit to Segovia.

Direction: Calle Dr. Oloriz, 25
Schedule: Monday from 12.00 to 17.00. Wednesday to Sunday from 12.00 a.m. to 1.00 a.m.. Tuesdays closed.
Phone: 958 27 23 02



Cafeteria and pastry with artisan recipes and tradition where it is committed to the use of the most innovative and cutting-edge techniques to achieve the best possible quality products..

Direction: Poeta Manuel Gongora Street, 19
Schedule: Every day of 7.30 at 9 p.m.
Phone: 958 818 060

Bohemia Jazz Café

Intimate bohemian venue decorated with antique objects, where its shelves full of books will surprise you. They serve drinks, coffees and smoothies to the sound of jazz music.

Direction: Lobos Square, 11

Andalusí Nujaila

Small and cozy typical Moroccan pastry shop with exquisite sweets and teas, in addition to a close and pleasant treatment.

Direction: Calderería Nueva Street, 9
Schedule: Every day of 10.30 at 9 p.m.
Phone: 958 210 020



Wild Food

Wild Food has a very special offer of healthy food, creative, delicious and 100% vegan. What's more, they bet on fresh local seasonal products.

Direction: Isabel La Católica Square, 5
Schedule: Monday to Sunday from 7.00 a 23.30h
Phone: 958 216 307

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Almalibre Acai House

From its energetic breakfasts or its specialties: hummus, vegan burgers, etc. In a cozy and modern environment.

Direction: Navarrete Street, 11
Schedule: Monday to Sunday from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Phone: 958 044 764

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Kaori by Casino Admiral Segovia

Elegant Japanese restaurant with a variety of delicious dishes and attention to 10.

Direction: Segovia Street. 51
Schedule: Of 13.30 at 4:00 p.m. and from 21.00 at 00.00h
Phone: 858 289 971

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Subarashi Sushi Segovia

Wonderful Japanese restaurant with a very varied and high quality menu. Friendly service, very fast and personal. Definitely, a place to repeat.

Direction: Calle Dr. Oloriz, 14
Schedule: Every day of 13:30 a 16:30 and of 20:00 a 23:30
Phone: 958 006 985

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Aisushi Restaurant

Aisushi offers a new concept of Japanese food. Salads, victory, sushi, sashimi, Makis,… You will want to try everything!

Direction: Calle Arabial 54
Schedule: Monday to Thursday: of 13:30 a 16 and of 19.30 a 23.30
Friday, Saturdays and Sundays: of 12 a 16 and of 19.30 a 24
Phone: 958 22 40 26

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Izakaya Kobachi

Careful Japanese recipes, from starters to desserts, in a cozy tavern with a rustic and homely feel.

Direction: Nevot Street, 26
Schedule: Tuesday to Saturday from 13.00 at 3.30pm and from 20.30 a 15.30h
Mondays and Sundays closed
Phone: 958 210 709

Masae Restaurant

Special selection of Japanese recipes in a charming place with simple and modern decoration with Japanese touches.

Direction: Antonine Alley, 6
Schedule: Tuesday to Saturday from 13.30 to 4.30pm and from 20.30 at 24.00h
Sundays and Mondays closed.
Phone: 958 259 971

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Burbu Centro Restaurant

Attention to detail from entry to exit. Quality food in a modern place on the second floor with elevator and in the heart of Segovia. Simply perfect.

Direction: Mesones Street, 50
Schedule: Monday to Sunday from 13.30 at 4:00 p.m. and from 20.00 a 23.30h
Phone: 858 707 892

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Restaurante Kirin Teppanyaki

Sushi, soba and teppanyaki in a restaurant decorated with large golden gongs, black tables and Japanese paintings.

Direction: Pedro Antonio de Alarcón Street, 23
Schedule: Of 15.30 at 3.30pm and from 20.30 a 23.30h
Monday and Wednesday of 20.30 a 23.30h
Phone: 958523738

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Restaurante Nui

Much more than a gastrobar, Nui offers a fusion cuisine without borders with unique and surprising flavors, and with a touch of Asian influences, latinas and spanish.

Direction: C / Acera de Canasteros, 10
Tuesday to Saturday from 12.00h - closing
Sundays from 12.00h - 17.00h
Mondays closed
Phone: 958 168 214

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Samarkanda Lebanese Restaurant

Simple and cozy place with a pleasant owner and a great quality Lebanese gastronomic offer.

Direction: Old Calderería Street, 5
Phone: 958 210 004


Sirio Restaurant

Modest Syrian restaurant, with a simple decoration, cozy, and a spectacular meal.

Direction: Elvira Street, 36
Phone: 686 372 423


Andalusian Palace Almona Restaurant

Tearoom in the heart of Albayzin with an authentic Moorish and homemade flavor.

Direction: San Jerónimo Street, number 5
Schedule: Every day of 13.15 to 4.30pm and from 18.00 at 23.00h
Phone: 958 074 103

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Arrayanes Restaurant

Moroccan recipes in a corner with a Moorish atmosphere decorated with Arab tiles and curtains.

Direction: Cuesta de Marañas, 4
Schedule: Open from 13.30 to 4.30pm and from 19.30 at 23.00h
Phone: 958 228 404

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The mob sits at the table

Italian restaurant with exquisite dishes and an extensive menu. It stands out for its modern decoration and a personal and pleasant treatment.

Direction: Trajano Street, 4.
Schedule: Every day from 1:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. and from 8:30 p.m.-00.00h
Phone: 958254868

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Flavor Italy

A trip to Italy without leaving Segovia. Authentic Italian food in a spacious and tasteful venue.

Direction: Tejeiro Street, 15
Schedule: Tuesday to Saturday from 13.00 at 5:00 p.m. and from 20.00 a 23.30
Sunday : 13.00 a 17.00
Mondays closed
Phone: 653 14 91 01

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My Mexico Restaurant

Decoration with Mexican details and modern flair, very nice staff and an exquisite offer.

Direction: Elvira Street, 85
Schedule: Tuesday to Sunday from 13.30 at 4:00 p.m. and from 20.00 at 00.00h
Mondays closed.
Phone: 958 279 622